The Art and Olfaction Awards

There are presently no open calls for submissions.


The 7th edition of the Art and Olfaction Awards will take place on May 14, 2020 at the Cicada Club in Los Angeles, CA.

We’re excited to bring the awards back to the city where they began, and – in celebration  - we'll be programming a week-long festival for the senses in our home town; Los Angeles’ first Scent Week. The celebrations and events will start on May 7, and culminate with the awards on May 14, 2020.

Please read on for important information about submitting and - when you're ready - get started by choosing your submission category at the bottom of the page. 

We're excited that you're choosing to participate in this global celebration of independent perfume. 

Important information about submitting



ONLINE SUBMISSIONS CLOSES: December 2, 2019, 11:59pm PST 



INDEPENDENT AWARD: For brands that employed an external perfumer or fragrance house to create the submission's formula, which was then released under the brand's name.

ARTISAN AWARD: For brands that are owned or co-owned by the perfumer, who initiated and created the submission's formula in-house, released under the brand's name.

SADAKICHI AWARD FOR EXPERIMENTAL WORK WITH SCENT: For creative or experimental practitioners who make unconventional use of scent, that takes it out of the domain of traditional perfumery.


CONTRIBUTION TO SCENT CULTURE AWARD: This award is given on an annual basis to an outstanding person who makes significant contributions to public awareness of artisan, independent and experimental practices with scent on an international scale.

AFTEL AWARD FOR HANDMADE PERFUME: This award will be given on an annual basis to one outstanding small batch perfume that was 100% perfumer-created, in-house, with no use of outsourced compounding or expansion at any stage of the process. The winner will be selected from the pool of artisan submissions, and decided by a separate panel of three judges. 

PIESSE AWARD: This award is given on an annual basis to an outstanding person showing proof of exceptional vision with regards to how scent is used, developed, or imagined.

SUBMISSION FEES: Submission fees are in USD, and cover administration costs, storage costs, transportation costs, and the production of the award event itself.

Artisan and Independent Categories: The submission fee is $85.00 per entry 

Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent: The submission fee is $35.00 per entry 

Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume: Submit as artisan (see fees above) and tick the box that asks if the project qualifies for the Aftel Award 

Septimus Piesse Award: This is a discretionary award, and does not accept submissions 

Contribution to Scent Culture Award: This is a discretionary award, and does not accept submissions

SUBMISSION PROCESS: There are two steps to submitting to the awards.

Step 1: Filling out the online submission form (you can find the links at the bottom of this page)

Step 2: Sending in 25ml of the physical perfume or scent submitted. 

Once you submit your online form, you will receive an email with instructions about where to send your physical submission in the mail. We require a minimum of 25ml of each perfume in the artisan and independent categories.

In the Sadakichi Award, we can make special dispensations when the scent component is not in perfume form, or where there was too small a quantity made. Email us ( if this is the case. 

WHO CAN SUBMIT: We accept submissions from independent and artisan perfumers, and experimental practitioners with scent from all countries. 
The company producing the perfume must be either privately-owned, or owned by another privately-owned company with no more than four fine fragrance holdings in its brand portfolio. 

Entries for the 2019 Art and Olfaction Awards in the independent and artisan categories must have first been made available for sale to the public (artisan and independent category) between the dates of Jan 1, 2019 and Dec 31, 2019. Entries for the Sadakichi Award must have been exhibited to the public between the dates of Jan 1, 2019 and Dec 31, 2019. 

SUBMISSION QUANTITY: There is a maximum amount of 3 (three) entries in each category (artisan, independent or experimental) per perfume brand that can be submitted for the award. 

We do not accept reformulations or re-releases of existing scents, released to market under the same name and in the same form. Please review our FAQ section for more information. 

Submissions that do not comply with the criteria defined herein shall be deemed as void and disqualified at the Institute for Art and Olfaction’s sole discretion. Please take a moment to email us at if you have any questions about your submission.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All submissions are subject to the terms and conditions, which you must review before submitting. 

+ Review the terms and conditions of participation, here