Submissions are open for the 9th Art and Olfaction Awards. 

We're so pleased to open the 9th edition of the Art and Olfaction Awards: a non-profit initiative designed to celebrate independent, artisan and experimental practitioners with scent. 


Submission Deadlines

ONLINE SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: November 30, 2022 - 11:59pm PST
DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF SAMPLES: No later than December 10, 2022

Please note that we have to be strict about receiving the submissions samples in time. Please plan for shipping delays and get them in the mail right away. Instructions about where to send them will be shared once you fill the submission form.

Finalists will be announced at Esxence in Milan, in March of 2023. Winners will be announced at the 9th edition of the Art and Olfaction Awards, which will take place in May, 2023 in Los Angeles.  


Before submitting, please read this!

We are accepting submissions that were or will be first made available for sale to the public between the dates of Jan 1, 2022 and Dec 31, 2022. Entries for the Sadakichi Award must have been exhibited to the public between the dates of Jan 1, 2022 and Dec 31, 2022.

By  submitting this form you certify that all information in the form is true and correct, that you are over 18 years of age, and that you have reviewed  and understand the rules for each category and the Terms and Conditions for the awards as a whole (read here).  You also understand that should the A+OA management find that information in the form is incorrect, we reserve the right to disqualify your submission without reimbursement. 

Once you submit this  form, we will email instructions on how and where to send the physical  scent. This will go to the email used to submit this form. If you do not  receive these instructions within 24 hours, please email us at

Finally! Please note that the Art and Olfaction Awards are a highly competitive event. Before you submit, please take a moment to acknowledge the fact that it is possible that you will not win. This is no reflection on the overall value of your practice, as a whole. Having said that, good luck!

About the Artisan Category

The artisan category is for perfume brands that are owned or co-owned by  the brand's primary perfumer. This perfumer wrote and initiated the submitted perfume formulation, and the submitted perfume was then released under the brand's name.  Artisan Category Qualifiers:

  • The  perfumer who wrote the submitted perfume's formula owns or co-owns (minimum of 35% ownership) the company that is releasing the submitted perfume.
  • This perfumer directly wrote the initial perfume formulation of the submitted perfume.
  • This perfumer has or shares creative control over branding, production, marketing and distribution of the submitted perfume.
  • The company’s product development is contingent on the perfumer’s direct involvement, labor and oversight.

Learn more about the Artisan Award here:

About The Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume

When you submit to the artisan category, you also have an option to tick a box that submits the fragrance to the Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume (in addition to the Artisan Category). There is an extra fee of $10.00 for submitting to be considered for the Aftel Award. Aftel Award Qualifiers:

  • The perfume's initial release was made in a batch of 300 units or less, or is made to order.
  • The submitted perfume was blended by the perfumer's own hand, and through his or her direct labor.
  • The perfume was released under the perfumer's own brand.
  • The perfume was not weighed or assembled in an external compounding house.

Learn more about the Aftel Award here: 

Never hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.

The  independent category is for perfume brands that employ an external  perfumer or fragrance house to initiate and create their blends, with  creative direction from the perfume brand. The final perfume is then  released under the brand's name. Independent category qualifiers:

  • The  company that released the perfume commissioned or employed an external  perfumer or fragrance house to initiate and create the perfume, which  was then released under the company name.
  • The company that  released the perfume had creative control over the creative decisions  related to the scent, including branding and marketing.
  • If the  company is owned or co-owned by the company's perfumer, the perfumer  acts primarily as a business person and/or creative director, leaving  the majority of the formulations to external hires, commissions, or  fragrance houses.
  • The company producing the perfume is either  privately-owned, or owned by another privately-owned company with no  more than four fine fragrance holdings in its brand portfolio.

Learn more about the Independent Award here:

Never hesitate to email us at if you have any questions. 

The Sadakichi Award is for experimental  practitioners who make unconventional or non-traditional use of scent that takes it out of the domain of traditional perfumery. Sadakichi Award qualifiers:

  • The  project must have been created with the intention of existing in the  realm of a creative practice, whose primary audience lies firmly in the  space of culture, technology, design, media, academia, etc.
  • The  scent component of the project is concept-driven, and produced in  conjunction or in support of a creative or technological practice or  project
  • The scent project has been exhibited to the public in  some way in the 2022 calendar year in a public setting (examples of this can include but are not limited to a gallery, a publication, a theater,  online, an academic conference, etc.).
  • The scent component of the project may have been formulated either by a professional perfumer or by a non-perfumer
  • For  the sake of the awards, we define a creative practice as a visual,  performative, literary, conceptual, technological, installation-based,  curatorial or musical practice

Learn more about the Sadakichi Award here:

Never hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.